Wednesday, April 29, 2009


WOW...the past few days have been wonderful and exhausting all at the same time! Geeze...I am SOOO out of shape!lol I have been going hard on training and cardio and haven't missed a beat!! YEAH!! :-)

I finished leg training and first cardio today and have another hour of cardio this evening! I am feeling REALLY good...but LORD help my legs!!! :-) I had fun today at the gym because I actually had a baby sister!! :-) Although, she HATES me now! LOL She just had a baby and is getting that fun baby weight off and I think she is probably gonna hate me for about the next few months!! But, love me in the end! hahaaha I will post some pics of her and my BEAUTIFUL niece!! to write meal plans and get the kids from school here soon! Thanks again for all of the support and for also allowing me to help support and motivate so many of you as well!! I feel like I am sharing MANY of my experiences and personal strength of overcoming with many of you right now. So just BELIEVE it and you can do it!! And as I hear Heather Bear saying in my head while I am stair-climber and about to DIE :-) ...."HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?!?!" BAAAAADDDDDDD!!!! :-)

Have a FANTASTIC day!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

MY FIRST DAY was technically DAY 1 of "The Journey" and I must say I couldn't have planned it any more perfect myself!! :-) I got through all of my meals, my 2 hours of cardio and training today and felt GREAT!!! I was very pleased!

Being on this side of the GPO program is VERY fun/exciting because I get to see what our other Phat Girlz have been experiencing and I feel like I can connect even more so to all of our clients. I will say that Sandy KILLED me with cardio this morning, but when it was all over with...I felt AWESOME! So, I loved and hated her earlier today! LOL

Kids are great today and my son has been taking yoga for the past 2 weeks (which I made him do without consulting him first! haha) and he is LOVING it!! He wants me to make a "yoga space" for him now at home. So, I think that is what I will be doing this weekend with the kids...this will be great family time.

So, here is to a GREAT START and I appreciate all of your support in keeping this momentum going!

In Love & Fitness,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well today was a CRAZY day. Did hour of cardio this morning and been going EVER since. Was my sons birthday party today and that pretty much has consumed the day!! :-)

Meals went great today and I am READY to take this journey!! I'm VERY motivated to do this!!Thanks for all of the support and encouragement from all of my family and friends...I appreciate it more than words can express!!

Have a great weekend!T

Friday, April 24, 2009


Hi everyone!!

My name is Tonya Nanthavong and I am a mom, sister, daughter, friend, entrepreneur and personal trainer/nutrition specialist under Jen Hendershott in the Get Phat Online and Phat Camp programs. I wanted to give everyone a little insight into me and my journey back into competing. Something I started a few years back and stopped after MANY life obstacles. But not just THAT journey, MY journey of OVERCOMING challenges, obstacles, negativity and balance in all areas of life.

This is MY way of sharing a day in the life of a busy, single mom of 2 who wants to accomplish a goal of mine that I have been putting off for WAY too long! :-) For FINALLY doing something for myself and not feeling bad about it! After talking with Jen, she thought this would be a GREAT way to share with everyone out there, especially women, that you CAN achieve your goals no matter what life throws your way! And my personal philosophy is MIND OVER MATTER!!!

So, here goes!! :-) There are 24 hours in a day and I plan to pack in a 30 hour day. Thanks for joining my blog and lets enjoy the journey together!!!

Have an AWESOME week!!

In Love and Fitness,