Monday, April 27, 2009

MY FIRST DAY was technically DAY 1 of "The Journey" and I must say I couldn't have planned it any more perfect myself!! :-) I got through all of my meals, my 2 hours of cardio and training today and felt GREAT!!! I was very pleased!

Being on this side of the GPO program is VERY fun/exciting because I get to see what our other Phat Girlz have been experiencing and I feel like I can connect even more so to all of our clients. I will say that Sandy KILLED me with cardio this morning, but when it was all over with...I felt AWESOME! So, I loved and hated her earlier today! LOL

Kids are great today and my son has been taking yoga for the past 2 weeks (which I made him do without consulting him first! haha) and he is LOVING it!! He wants me to make a "yoga space" for him now at home. So, I think that is what I will be doing this weekend with the kids...this will be great family time.

So, here is to a GREAT START and I appreciate all of your support in keeping this momentum going!

In Love & Fitness,


  1. Hey Tonya...lets support each other as we prep for Jen's show! Good luck to you here is my blog address
    Have a great day!!!

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